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How do I publish my work here?

Please complete the Publishing Agreement and send it to the library.

Please click on the publication link on the start page.
First you are requested to choose a document type. Right beneath that you can upload your document files. Having done so you may click on "send". What follows now is the actual form. You have to fill in data about your publication here (so called metadata), which is used to describe your work in catalouges and other bibliographic directories. Describe the document you want to upload using the categories and fields on the publication form. Depending on the document type, some of these fields are mandatory and therefore have to be filled in. Please describe your document as clear as possible. Mandatory fields are for example:
  • the document type (must be choosen from a list)
  • the title of your publication and the language of the title
  • the abstract of the document
  • the publication date of your document (normally the day you publish it online)
  • the language of the document (must be choosen from a list)
  • the licence, under which you want to publish your document (must be choosen from a list)
If you are unsure what to fill in certain form fields, you can point the cursor on a field and an explaining help text will be shown.
After you have finished the form, all data will be displayed once again for a check-up and you then have three possibilities: you can correct them if necessary, add your document to a collection or simply safe it directly.

After uploading the materials to e-Publications@khm they will be checked by the library. As soon the contract is handed over to the library the materials will be published online.

Editing and deleting material
As a matter of principle it is not possible to change or delete any published materials. Each file gets an Uniform Resource Name (URN) at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. This ensures authenticity and long term identification of the documents, comparable with printed publications. If the author wishes corrections, a new edition has to be published.

In oder to publish your work cookies have to be enabled in your web browser.